My name is Lohan. I’m a skinny black cat struggling against those big and fat dogs controlled by the Evil. I used to be white before the power of ideology transformed me into a dark creature preaching disobedience and independence. I placed myself on the side of a world in reverse, forbidden, opposed to an inequalitarian society legitimated by the dominants. In fact, I come from abysses which struggle to establish freedom and egalitarian co-operation. I devote my life to art and knowledge, trying to express myself notably through music, writing and photography.

My productions aren’t there to entertain. They can not be consumed. You must think to understand them and accept them as they are. As pieces of art. “True art”, even if in our leisure society most of us forgot about the real meaning of art, the real meaning of being an artist. I’m not saying here that what I do is amazing. It’s only my own feelings, my own thought, my own vision of this world. My most honest expression. Me trying to communicate with you.

Besides my project as High Dude, I’m currently working on a Ph.D on hip hop culture in the United States.