EYEK7​-​001 – Abstrakt Sonance & Ziplokk – ATEN EP

The first of our limited cassette tape series with 2 collaborations from Abstrakt Sonance & Ziplokk.

A1] Abstrakt Sonance & Ziplokk – Niles [05:08]

Niles is a deep skanker with a sound system friendly bassline and an appropriate choice of instruments. All the long, a splendid piece of music filled with positive energy which allows you to keep a meditative state of mind while still being able to tap one’s foot to the beat. The piece is lifted by the dub-oriented percussion work which gives it an amazing dynamic.

B1] Abstrakt Sonance & Ziplokk – Jungle [05:36]

Starting with a peaceful and melodic introduction, the song introduces the listener to a “jungle justice” in a wonky world. The bassline is mental, yet incredibly peaceful and energic at the same time, leveled up by a nice stereo work of both producers. The beat leaves the listener in full of control, some sort of understanding of the chaos within society, driven even deeper on the second part of the song with a strong low-end field.

Tapes include 2 exclusive +/- 20min studiomixes from both artists.
Bandcamp: eyesome.bandcamp.com/album/eyek7-001-aten-ep