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I think both tunes come at a point in my life when I was forced to accept the idea of working for the capitalist society. At the moment by being a teacher for the French state, which is something that goes at the opposite of my view of what real knowledge is and how education should be lead for children’s life, and at the extent, adult’s life (knowing should lead to doing.) I try to conciliate my own thoughts and vision of the world with State’s schools, which are places where most indoctrinate the youth with the capitalist ideology (and the neoliberal doctrine), or a place of “miseducation”, as Malcolm X expressed in his own time.

So ‘Prone’ is about being forced to incline to a higher power. But there’s a duality because you could prone for the capitalist and dominant society, but you can also decide to fight against this ideology, which lead ‘Prone’ to also be understood as some kind of predisposition (the “artistic destiny” in art’s aesthetic) of some people in every society, a group of individuals than can and will deconstruct traditions and ordinary views of the majority in order to achieve, for humankind and/or themselves, a greater view, a greater purpose and a greater meaning to life than just being a tool in the Machine.”

In regards to Active Sleep, I wanted to express the idea that when I’m out of my little bubble (alone or with like-minded people), I feel kind of trapped in a society I can’t accept as it is, surrounded by people that think too differently (which as, for me at least, a lot to do with the power of capitalist’s ideology). So when I have to go out of that bubble, for example by going to work, I’m in some kind of ‘active sleep’, I’m some sort of ghost, just here pretending I’m the same as people around (but they and I both know it’s not really the case). I want to be that ghost to protect myself, and I’m pretending to act normal but deep inside I’m fighting against the structure I’m in and the people that decided to accept that structure for what it is (so basically not changing anything in that structure and in themselves). I’m sleeping with those people because they aren’t giving good food to my brain; I’m sleeping in those capitalist structures because I understand them and my thinking go further than those pre-built ways of thinking. So I’m active… active in this forced sleep. I stay real to myself, I listen to my own thoughts and my inner identity and I refuse to let this society and zombies dictate to myself how I must think and behave.

The fact that there’s no snare on that tune’s rhythmic expresses the idea that I go to those places and see those people without (most of the time) interacting with them, without trying to “attack” them ( = the snare in a composition – there’s only one snare in Active Sleep) with my different thinking and their own build truth. I can be myself with my students, but I see most adults as dead people because they killed their inner child and creativity and I have no time to waste (at least that’s how I see it now) to try to “save” them.