Homage to Catalonia

In Brussels, it’s silence.
We don’t know yet which side of the balance is tilting finance.
Not that she’s forced to choose one:
She can remain serene as a sovereign, for sure.
In the event of secession,
The Commission could validate the accession process.
One question remains:
What will really bring the exclusion of this region?

On television: “Good evening,” fast, vile truncated vision:
Absence of the symbol and red & black flags.
The elites are still trying to avoid the swell of their worst nightmare.
Separatist propagandists spread their messages on social networks;
Some images are manipulated and come from past manifestations.
It will be said that it’s fair game, each ardently defending its ideals.

If the radical circles take over the affair,
It’s perhaps to enlighten what they hope for;
But it’s clear that the events,
Only forms one more bourgeois revolution.
Independent or not, the order will not change at all.

Without rancor, winners will boast the economic merits of their false liberalism,
In order to consolidate their newly achieved power in this false schism,
Attacking the Spanish government, which, for fear, yields to fascism.
How sad and yet fascinating it is to witness this impotent ploy!
Yet this event remains important, even if nothing really changes.