I barely know you,
But hell, you could easily abolish my pain.
I don’t know if I can afford to write you this, certainly;
But it’s necessary that this chaos ceases.
How can I get you out of my head?

I think about the other night.
What tension when you touch me with your gaze!
This could drag me back under the surgeon’s knife.
Yes, a new faith.
You’d think I’m crazy about death.
It’s because she brings me so much comfort.

I read the signs sent;
Swirling necklace, body heading towards;
Drowned feelings. In the unconscious, born.
I saw the esteem soar to the heights;
I summon you to knock me out or put a hook on me,
Because I want to live this madness that has traveled through our irises.
It’s too late, I’m overcome with joy at this innovative view;
I thought I was contemplating a pretty idyll that still hibernates.
Please, tell me, am I wrong?