Half-regret when thought covers action
And that tension loses its positive facet.
Helplessness that can turn into invective …
Perhaps as a result of a sad silence perceived as lack of attention.

How to act and interact if eyes whisper “yes”,
While the bodies are doubting and the heart is troubled.
Fear of failure guiding us away from reason; alteration of hearing. Yet so close, but I do not know if we can meet, or just think of it …

We should embrace each other in every sense of this sweet notion;
So why this distance remain so dense if we secretly incense ourselves?
Could it be simply my vision, vainly altering a factitious urge?
What to think of our ways of approach, although we can see ourselves stammering …

Have I seriously weakened my chances
To conquer your mysterious existence?
I’m able to act without waiting indigestible surplus,
Although I no longer know what gestures
It remains for me to accomplish
Before leaving.
Multiple interrogations that mutilates me,
But I jubilate if you esteem me.