I often hear: “If it blow, I go out in the street”
But every morning they leave for the hive.
Soon, it’s “take that and hush,” and
In fact, want more …

There’s no miracle solution if you’re lost in the mirage.
Do you see the cleavages stranded on the shore?
If you’ve failed, it’s weird;
Maybe you’re not a good pirate?

At this moment, the guy on the watchtower sleeps a lot.
He’s drunk, completely crazy;
Dry and strong, especially.
He drags you into a storm without dawdling;
On the pretext of sex, it’s annoying,
But true.

He said releasing the freedom of his chains thanks to progress,
But drunkard, he denies that his task
Is to be condemned to perpetuate legitimate violence.
Feeling the boat pitching, soon he leans, embarrassed,
Paying handsomely bitches and zealous guys
In order to perpetuate the farce, one last day, for pity’s sake!