Since I’ve been aiming at the sky, I no longer feel very well;
And when I look back, I see the path disappear.
I saw the old monkeys exclaim.
I have no more time to lose with these pious whores.

Since I’ve prayed the sky, I am more serene;
And when my grave will be underground, I think I would have win the Evil.
Know that it’s not sensational without Sartre.
I slap that because they don’t even think in the faculties.

Since I scream in the sky, I’m not going very well.
And when I sink deeper than the earth, I must abandon myself to destiny.
I make myself a reason, the majority of people are too stupid.
Just inaction’s kings, I go away from their prison.

Since I live in the sky, I’m more than good;
A simple look on Earth, and I see the morning escaping.
What must I sacrifice so I may go away?
I saw the Gods laughing for less than that.