Last Level

I have often preferred the playground to your classes and lessons.
It’s especially in high school that the curve was reversed to be honest.
On the pavement, I move with determination;
On the paper, I’m responsible for my creation.
I’ll be myself at any price,
With or without money, I’ve plenty of cravings.

I no longer count the positive disintegrations,
Now I want to live.
So I live my life facing you,
If you don’t understand my rhymes,
It’s that they bend your neck.
I kneeled in balance,
I oscillate between chasms and summits,
At the bottom, I get a taste of it before the big sleep.

I start dynamic because I master dynamite;
What didn’t you understand? I have empathy in my schoolbag
Tragoc gift because the path is n’t easy or comfortable
The cards are on the table, I run towards the target.

I found my own way alone,
I listened to my lonely little voice ;
I reached harmony,
Aware of my decisions
On a chosen hierarchy.
My experiences are intense, resentment increased,
Powerful perception, you didn’t believe it.
I have developed specific skills,
You’re disgusted by my magical perception,
Poetic, and tragic.

I’m struggling, but not with myself,
I only make my own cream.
They will remain in a primary integration
It will remain to me a bitter taste,
I’ll only have to make love to your mind,
Because there is no body here.