I am condemned to ask rhetorical questions
To horrible types who weigh in the void.

If I don’t confess, it’s because I know
That you would understand nothing of it, O human brother!

Always in a corner, almost invisible,
But especially unspeakable in your bosom.
I have no choice: you’re clumsy.
It’s so cold, it hurts my fingers;
I have a sore arm that I raise in silence,
In my mind kneaded with impatience.

I count points on your false conversations
To pass the time, beautiful illusion throwing me as witness …
It should be fun; You, you have no idea …
Oh no … you have no idea, no you don’t have any ideas.

They are excellent and yet
They chose banality,
Too busy looking at their fears
And comparing themselves without heart.
You have to train without dragging
If not, bury without interest.
Without blinking, I cry
Because it’s time to tear myself away from you.

You have only one token, in the background
Far from lions is compassion.
As a selfish, I want you to be interested in me
Who tells me altruistic every time I correct the dispute by faith.
Now that I understand that most of the time,
The majority of people die during their lifetime.