Universe without master, neither sterile nor fertile.
My reasoned resolution must resonate.
Great resounding resentment that doesn’t bathe
Neither in hatred nor in contempt.

I inspire and exhale.
“All or nothing. Everybody or nobody “.
But the Evil One imprisons me. This grief poisons you.
Each of the grains forms a mountain full of life,
Formation of an infinite world that comes at night,
At the peril of the after or the escape.

Well, I think it’s time.
I smile so that you don’t see me crying.
My revolt gives birth to values.
I’m like Max Scheler.

Go ahead, do the big jump, don’t do anything else.
Go ahead, change channels and look at the same thing.
Go ahead, do the big jump, don’t do anything else.
They can change their chains, they remain the same clones.

Your suicide amazes me so I hibernate
Out of winter as a traveler lost in a foreign world
In a foreign body, in a sense strangled.
In twenty years I have too much cash, but still rebellious.

If I ride a bike, I will pedal too fast.
If you ride a bike, you’re going to pedal in the air …
I’ll not get up early to watch you lifeless.
I say “no”, and I do not expect to escape the absurdity
Of my condition; I have my mission, it’s the expression of
The purest regained freedom, rebuff
Under a mask of hope;
Because revolt is no longer a right, but a duty.