Hypnic jerk

From the morning, sidereal revolution;
The Evil One wants to break my ideal.
Visceral reaction, abyssal thoughts.
I dress dirty after the initial error.
Outside it’s medieval: only vassals
Who believe to aim high … idiots!

I hurt for all the marginal people
Who are struggling against imperial rascals.
There, nothing impeccable, lethal cocktail;
The fatal hour is so brutal.
Martial law, icy heart.
I inhale, and I don’t care, paradoxical …

The opprobrium commands disguised dignity
For the men to condone calamity.
While they are lying, I isolate myself and I sacrifice myself.
I scribble for those who are unreasonable.
My task detonates and causes irreversible damage.
It is tangible and credible, though abstract and painful.

Unpredictable, I am unable to abandon the inaudible scream.
Liable to the Bastille, because harmful to the Invisible.
All are corruptible, because they are too insensible.
They want to silence the middle finger in the air,
Stalkers of an egalitarian world that brood under the ashes.
It’s deceptively. Tired of waiting, and now I have to learn to go down.