The field of possibilities

I walk into the field of possibilities.
In me, I perceive it, this choice;
On the sidelines, I rage,
If I think, She sees me.

Deaf, I listen:
Suddenly, it’s like it
Compress red currants.
Soon, the machine forces me to run.
Quick, help, cover!
If I dive, it’s all green.
She crushes me, and she will drink me;
She feeds on our flesh,

Even before school age.
Premeditated crime of lese-individuality;
Programmed unwinding,
Instruments of oppression and authority.
Taste my provocative exorbitancy,
Fruit of a deep scar
Which never ceases to open.

Please, criticizes the original cry
For capital’s prostitution
Aiming to organize your thought, substitute.
Adaptation to the system alienation;
Me not in line with their education.
I expect the worst and
I wait in the void.

I must escape from the barracks.
Before I get in,
I’m mothering me.
Adult does not mean Man, asshole.
See you, kiss.