For Ever

I note our super powers
But I fear that one feels (not being able to)
I sketch these troubled souls. In search of Aman
I don’t sooth his sons ad vitam aeternam; We grieve.
Scrape the dune without making the kleptomaniac (son);
Music lover, I put the evil inside a bottle (without vice);
Lose. Shit, they’re afraid of themselves!
Even if there are no more remains, I must aim at Everest.
I sail, while you are falsified by the apparatus;
I’m almost at the Mariana Trench
Excuse me, let me pass Madame …

During the day, it’s laziness,
It seems that I can no longer breathe in the luminosity.
We perceive ourselves as dead kings
With the aorta in danger on the construction site;
Battles out of death, man
Know that I do not worry.
In the depths until the end of the secular torment;
So never, right? It’s not true? It’s peninsular.

Go around, lie well, it’s deadly.
In this blur, everything is cruel.
Yeah, it’s gargantuan:
We must fuck ourselves, we must please.
Inventoried by the father of Pantagruel
I prepare my barrel.

We saw each other among the zombies;
Just one look, but the certainty of being understood.
I make the big gap at the edge of the cliff …
Far from these pigs, everything calms me.