All was well until nineteen-ninety-six;
Sacrifice to the glory of Lord,
I accomplish by choice this ritual;
Join the Order of the Phoenix
Before the fall of Voldemort;
I have to kill and steal gold.
Forced to be what I am,
I execute the prophecy.

In the opaque clouds, traveling castle;
Insulting silently, signing without decency.
Dementia facing the opulence of its imminences,
Preference for intelligence and resilience.
They do not crack down in these lines;
As a disciple, anticipates and
Amplifies without cyprin, spreads the pact
As a philosopher without school, as a frivolous emancipator.

Willingness to know which ends up in “wanting”,
Not in “having”, clean your bib;
Can you claim to be free? Exhilaration,
In the cenacle, I refuse fiction and artifices.
Rectify, your free will is paid for the  show son.
No illumination on the present situation;
So I present: binary reports,
Jelly of creatures produced to reproduce
Avoiding to open up to the other way.
The other guy lies a lot.

Fuck the court of simulacra;
Jab, ignorant educated with care;
Make the hustler without yielding to the dominant as an
Obsolete educated in front of the whores;
False promises, they grow fat;
We bury ourselves, we enlighten ourselves;
We stretch out, we go out:
Our destiny rubs off Evil.
You’re the master’s vibromasseur,
You disgust me, you touch me slightly …

Correspondence without the nuances of the mask,
Birth in the violence of fast.