I’m crusing the sky as you pound the earth.
In this life, stuck in the purgatory
I will not be deceived by these dogs of hell any more.
Locked, enferred, pigheaded, in the lead and
In search of lost illusion,
At the edge of nothingness, I no longer waste my time
With these disbelievers, or these guys too slow;
Everyone thinks himself intelligent; but how many really are?

Who am I to judge trivialized mediocrity,
Calamities we should just knock down , that is the idea.
I reiterate, bitter insolence.
I prefer the sea and silence
To that shit they’re throwing at us.
I need to hide, I have only the plan;
Not there to be in the place of the dead;
Cut the transistor, take your rise.

Stop making you strong, stop making you proud.
We must not do so, no, you must not do so.

I descend into the bowels of hell
Hurting me, am I proud of it?
I lose my landmarks, but I rejoice;
This malaise allows me to be, it’s true.
I’m pale, but not an alcoholic.
Damn, everything’s going too fast;
I lost the instructions, you will remain novice,
Simple allegory facing our ennobled lives.

Humble, I climb the steps without looking at these douchebags.
I started my tank, I come to burst your skulls.
I use my brain, while they serve you
Pretty cups and operate your soul.
I throw this opera into the flames.
You gaze our renegades, go push yourself in the algae.
Fishing net for those who pierce the arcane;
Deviate from the alley or cooperate, fuck I have to remain calm.

They only think to avoid it,
You only think to skimp
I only think about levitating
Let them look at my ideas