Tears can’t stain this incurable pain.
Tucked in the shadow, ready to bustle, inexhaustible.
Difficult is the access to the right path, surrounded by these lost lackeys.
Without wings, I will fly away anyway, even if they sadden me and clutch my feets to prevent me from climbing.

So much pain for this little heart that chokes,
But doesn’t breathe a word about it.

I cursed their weakness by remaining calm, by discipline.
They become vile, as they are servile in these big cities.
This poison, my medication, acts like a fortifier, far too wary
I can’t obey their destiny marked with red iron.

Silent cry that no longer moves the packs; (I must move!)
The lost masses slide and undergo; (I pull on the mask).
Incapables incapable of not grabing the palpable; (I’m ready!)
My greatness is only equal to the blackness of my ills; (memorize).
My words, laughingstock, but cunning; Under a dim light, you’ve bet,
You loose, you’re lost, you can no longer, you want more!

The wise man confronts the ape man;
Freedom, a conquest that is sought away from honors.
For some, a simple market value
That they exchange against the acceptance of legitimated inequalities.

Become the accomplice, remain novice.
Rotten for nothing, hope nothing
Can disrupt your prison
Of vices, no mission.

Dear to the codes of a culture that don’t seek cloned clowns,
What if I finish like George Clooney?
All these humans seem possessed by the Stockholm Syndrome
While I take myself for Sherlock Holmes.

Unfortunately too complex for the perplexed idiots,
They will see me as a crazy without complex
Completely disconnected from their reality,
Shaped for so many years.

Glory to advanced capitalism.