Artistic purpose

Maybe I should do it for money,
I would have plenty of time to do art …
I’m hungry, it’s already too late!
I impede power, I defy power …

Rigorous work against the silent mafia;
No limit to my reality,
Lying under an apple tree, I wait for the idea.
And they say to themselves: “but why
Is he going in the opposite direction? ”

I don’t want to play anymore, I don’t have foot.
Continue stammering, waiting
The bullet, foraging.
I defy everyday life,
I close it when you sing.
No! No anarchism,
Here we are in nanard-chy;
I don’t want this limited role any longer,
So open to me the doors of the Elysee
To dismiss the whole army.

Bind constantly throughout the year,
But propaganda will never cease to exist,
So you will continue to dream of beauty
And to respond to authority.
Do I have to use their methods?
Model my personality to enter their codes?
No, I dodge and
I explain to you my solid soliloquy.
It’s my turn to distract you with a little mystery,
While they exaggerate the great popular tendencies.

You must accept it, don’t trust it.
Standardize thought without a limited budget.
Designed to meet market demands
That doesn’t risk stimulating new ways of thinking.

Then art for art,
Or art for money?
I start, I’m afraid of getting tired
And to have to put the bundles together.
Already certain of the conversion,
I had to end the conversation.