Hidden From the Masses

Completely invisible, I invite a fool to speak in my stead.
I don’t belong here, I aim the after.
After all, that’s all I can do:
Share my ideas in invitations made by harmful factories.

At night everything is more readable;
The illegal dominates right away,
You understand the game well,
But you can’t make the dominoes fall.

The intellectual abdication is such that reading a book is difficult, almost impossible!
The past is erased, the erasure forgotten, and the lie becomes truth.
The most domesticated have hooked an animal to a leash;
Under the collar, they abandon their forgotten frustrations.

Those who don’t know that they don’t know are venturing into the eye of the cyclone,
From a distance, bloated clones of pride.

Thus, my singularity is confirmed and asserted.
I waver and oscillate between the bourgeois ogre and the poor of the proletariat,
Without ever forgiving these two scoundrels.
And in the shadows, my destiny is fulfilled without being robbed of my innate identity.