A self-made video clip for “Dying From the Inside”

This tune is quite personal. I was feeling very very bad about myself, my thoughts on this entertainment society and my life in this capitalist system in general. Overwhelmed by those negative and destructive feelings, I tried to express them musically. Most of the tune was written in a few days, capturing the very essence of my depressive state. The introduction suggests some kind of alarm, which will eventually lead to a first explosion. Before the drop, you can hear a doctor talking to a female patient, asking her: “Do you ever feel depressed? Sad? Empty at time?” Her response – “Sometimes…” – is left suspended. Those quotes are sampled from the movie ‘Predestination’ from Michael & Peter Spierig. And here is the drop, built like she’s thinking about the doctor’s questions. Thinking about all that negative mind state drowning her into loneliness and darkness. The second part of the drop is a complete explosion, some kind of depression’s apogee. The expression of intense suffering, of complete distress. And then, it’s going to happen again. First, the alarm. And then, the explosion again. It’s like she’s stuck in an infernal loop that will never end. Unless… she decides to kill herself. Or to find some help. The outro leaves the listener alone with a short and dark ambience. He’s the only one who can decide what will happen next.

Video edit: Vincent Brongniart (La Kahutabam).