Chess and Math

Sometimes he sacrifices his two towers to save his king,
And the pawns move quickly.
An invisible hand moves forward, her shadow hovering on the game;
Suddenly she takes one and advances it;
But it’s only a sacrifice for a cause that surpasses them all.
Some crazy avoid the known paths,
Preferring diagonal reflections,
Hating going straight ahead without asking questions.
Are they involved? Are they outdated?
Anyway they are part of the game …

Black or white, or perhaps red or blue, a drastic choice is required.
Everything is calculations and forecasts, cumulation and falsification;
Divert attention to better advance the master piece;
When the Queen comes into play, all the others collapse:
She advances in all directions,
Takes up the role of the pawn, makes the bishop and its twin towers invisible.
She and her king form this perfect duo,
Sitting on their omnipotence, with an unshakeable appearance.

But sometimes, their underlings associate and deliver the game:
Attention has been diverted …
They forgot the knight;

Chess and Math.