In 2014, to surpass the simple framework of music, I decided to think about a prose. First written in French, I decided to translate it to reach the majority of my audience who happens to be English.

This writing explains the construction of my track ‘Alone‘ and my creative process. This musical composition was released in October 2014 on Gradient Audio (USA).



Alone, he takes a damn advantage because he has realized;
Alone, he decided to distance ignorance through knowledge.

There are times during which he staggers and it makes up for himself,
He feels weak, he closes up, keeping truth to themselves,
He creates a second personality to manage the situation
Trapped in a reality that he created, circled, delimited,
Why should he be classified to one side when the hemicycle is complete nonsense?
He simply calls for the “true truth”, attempting to be a humanist at his earned hours …

Alone, he distances himself from this madness, “information” control their affable reflection;
Alone he dissociated himself from this unconsciousness, the abomination enslaves their low observation.

In the beginning – it’s true – he attempted to raise awareness around,
But the truth seems hard to bear, to substantiate,
Tirelessly, Man prefers the simple over the complex,
He prefers to remain conditioned to be controlled, to be effaced,
Finally why seek to rise when you can be content with uselessness?
He wanted to help, wake up, but he has been put off by so many prejudices…

That is how, left to his own solitude, separated from his pears, dismissed to mere silence and
Subjected to his incessant questioning, that the set has finally made sense:
Alone, we consent to be simple spectators with no organization, without ambition;
Alone, we lower our chines under the threat and terror of our masters, lions.

Run away from the sadness and fright, it’s time,
To step away from the television which is rotting you from the inside,
You must disenchant and emancipate yourself from Edward Bernays secretive projects,
You must distance yourself from “your” prefabricated ideas planted in your mind for so many years,
How can you tolerate such significant disparities? Where is equality hidden?
Democracy? No! Joke in agony, ran by firms for decades…
Your feeling of isolation is important for their manufacturing of consent,
Don’t gobble messages from their “wise” gorged of lies smashing your dreams!

While this obscure crisis remains, acquired is the imposture,
At the edge of decency, what decadence, should we approach the issue the other way around?
Don’t listen to those conformist erudites, who throw down the wrong paths,
In the dusk of totalitarian capitalism, the small group reaches its secular paroxysm,
Take some altitude, erase your certainties, it’s only the prelude,
Untangle your reflection, divorce from individualization: begin the evolution.

We are never alone.