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Morrison – Terra (High Dude Remix)

My remix of Morrison’s tune ‘Terra’ is out now on Ironshirt Recordings!

You can support me or the other artists by following this link.

Here’s a nice review from Juno:

Kiwi duo, Morrison, are back on their native Iron Shirt Recordings with another killer selection of stealthy, ninja-like dubstep fort those who like their flow cold and peppered with meditative sonics for the late night sessions. “Terra” and “Formation” are the two cuts in question, both tunes which have enough weight beneath them to blow your speakers out; stealthy, cerebral and deeply moving, these are bad, bad tunes that recall the best of Mala’s Deep Medi imprint. Sick Cycle’s remix of “Terra” goes even deeper into the wormhole thanks to an additional pounding of bass, while Dubmentalist’s version staggers more on the dub end of the spectrum through hefty percussive shots and sporadic Rastafari melodies, which leaves High Dude to provide some downtempo goodness on his own take – probably the best remix of the three. Recommended.

The Factory

The Factory

Time ; Wisdom ; Money ; Speed
Factory, Modernity ; Putrid, Reality.
Storefront, banality ; Chrysalis, Trapped.

Shaped by unremitting repetition, and finally erased facing a tireless sophistication,
The human stupefied himself in his manufactures before being confined in his car,
Then he vanishes in his offices, praying in vain to win the lottery.
Entangled in the stock market race like vultures, what a beautiful course …
Hands in front of the eyes … Please, shut up, it’s hollow.
Pay your bills and consume so that in sum you can offer yourself the last IPhone.
Do not question anything, continue your vain action;
Be greedy and glide over the wave of pleasure, drown yourself in the industry of desire.

Citizens become consumers, through the hands of fabulators;
Thrown into a large pit, broken in a single breath,
Chew mechanically for enrichment
Of a minority disconnected from realities, the echo of a sad truth astray,
Captured by this sad bird, casino capitalism.

Overwhelmed by a tiresome and passable work, you are distressing,
Exhausted, you don’t have time to think anymore, you are annoying,
Lock yourself in this pathetic false life if it pleases you,
Know that you clearly make me vomit, your avid ignorance is my suffering for life.

You have condemned yourself wrongly to death as a redneck gentleman,
Thinking you would reach the top you are stunned, that’s serious,
Ron you no longer feel the weight of their nonsense constantly interfering,
If only you could see, if only you knew, if only …

I’m focused to center myself on truth,
Leaving me to a desolate reality of all freedom,
Sickened by the matrix, I get used to it,
Controlled by your caprices, you capitulate.

While the sophists are laughing in their graves,
An earthquake stretches and prepares in the only darkness;
The fossils oscillate under the heaviness of silence,
The awareness grows.


A self-made video clip for “Dying From the Inside”

This tune is quite personal. I was feeling very very bad about myself, my thoughts on this entertainment society and my life in this capitalist system in general. Overwhelmed by those negative and destructive feelings, I tried to express them musically. Most of the tune was written in a few days, capturing the very essence of my depressive state. The introduction suggests some kind of alarm, which will eventually lead to a first explosion. Before the drop, you can hear a doctor talking to a female patient, asking her: “Do you ever feel depressed? Sad? Empty at time?” Her response – “Sometimes…” – is left suspended. Those quotes are sampled from the movie ‘Predestination’ from Michael & Peter Spierig. And here is the drop, built like she’s thinking about the doctor’s questions. Thinking about all that negative mind state drowning her into loneliness and darkness. The second part of the drop is a complete explosion, some kind of depression’s apogee. The expression of intense suffering, of complete distress. And then, it’s going to happen again. First, the alarm. And then, the explosion again. It’s like she’s stuck in an infernal loop that will never end. Unless… she decides to kill herself. Or to find some help. The outro leaves the listener alone with a short and dark ambience. He’s the only one who can decide what will happen next.

Video edit: Vincent Brongniart (La Kahutabam).

My second release with Outtallectuals

The 20th OUTTA release is a single coming from myself with help from Lck, following up my previous Outtallectuals release, ‘A Purpose’.

“I am here to plant a seed that will inspire you to move forward in life with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness.

As someone who has done what you are about to go do, I can tell you from experience, the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” – Jim Carrey

You can also support us via Bandcamp.

About Eyesome

adjective, Archaic.
Pleasant to look at.”
° °
Launched by High Dude in late 2015, Eyesome is a wordwide collective which gaters talented producers such as Le Lion, Krimma, Rygby, Sub0xyde and Bundat. The key idea is to propose pioneering free music breaking established codes. Each artist has their own vision, style and approach to music.
° °
In order to have a consistent design, the collective has called the talent of Antoine Bermond. We find the idea of a computerized and mechanized society, under the surveillance of a half human/half mechanical single eye. Each piece of music comes with an artwork created by Beeple and magnify by the typographic work of Antoine Bermond.


Abduct Remix Competition with Phantom Hertz Recordings (Finished)

10th May 2015 – 1st July 2015

Words from Albion Collective:

We’ve teamed up with Phantom Hertz Recordings for our very first remix competition here at AC. Back in January, High Dude championed PH035 with a 3 tracker EP named ‘Alchemy, which included the remix competition track Abduct, a deep and dark growling one-forty cut, accompanied by a DNB roller coined Wraith and the tripped out athmospheres of title track Alchemy. Phantom Hertz are offering a release to the three winning submissions through the label, to all good digital outlets.

Winners: Skaar, Master Balance, OverNose, Kardium, Low-K, Ghosthack, Sektor 122 & Gleb Choutov.