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Since in the city there aren’t many people who cultivate their garden,
I wipe the vile Iliad as a sincere monster who pursues his purpose.
Rebel infantryman of a sad and nameless army who castigates the rascal.
Feline witness of a faded breeze in the shadow, which dazzles the ruler.

When I go outside, it’s always targeted.
I rarely go to places where they want my big banknotes.
Broken ego, terrorize, be oppressed, is beautiful who is.
When I sleep, my body is all crazy, yes it’s
True, nothing soft, you can see my fangs shine.
Equals valued, mold, laughing stock, being high, override, is beautiful who is.

To conform to the norm is to escape from life.
To condemn oneself to death is to get out of it.
Those who formed the standard are all horrible.
This idiot damned to death is even worse.

Otherwise get accustomed. Stop seeing blood clumping;
No more exchanges, to gather.
No longer seize chance, to struggle.
The meaning flows from my nose, I don’t have time to sleep.


Since I’ve been aiming at the sky, I no longer feel very well;
And when I look back, I see the path disappear.
I saw the old monkeys exclaim.
I have no more time to lose with these pious whores.

Since I’ve prayed the sky, I am more serene;
And when my grave will be underground, I think I would have win the Evil.
Know that it’s not sensational without Sartre.
I slap that because they don’t even think in the faculties.

Since I scream in the sky, I’m not going very well.
And when I sink deeper than the earth, I must abandon myself to destiny.
I make myself a reason, the majority of people are too stupid.
Just inaction’s kings, I go away from their prison.

Since I live in the sky, I’m more than good;
A simple look on Earth, and I see the morning escaping.
What must I sacrifice so I may go away?
I saw the Gods laughing for less than that.


I’m working on my forthcoming projects.
What are you doing here away from your master?
You can’t come here if you’re a traitor.
Maybe I can move from here through the window?
What am I doing here besides being?
What are you doing here pretending?

You embarrass me, I don’t
Want your dirt, I don’t
Want your bundles, I don’t
Want your shits.

I want, I want
I want wad
To be able to burn them all;
I don’t want to see the white sirens
Before I can shine.

I go to work without my big projects.
But what are you doing here near your master?
You can’t tumble down here if you’re a traitor.
Maybe I can move from here through the window?
What am I doing here pretending?
What are you doing here pretending?

You’re examining me, I don’t want
Your cyprin, I don’t want
Your son, I don’t want
Your piss.

You’re not old yet but you’re already bent.
Pass me the fire that makes’ em all burn.


Universe without master, neither sterile nor fertile.
My reasoned resolution must resonate.
Great resounding resentment that doesn’t bathe
Neither in hatred nor in contempt.

I inspire and exhale.
“All or nothing. Everybody or nobody “.
But the Evil One imprisons me. This grief poisons you.
Each of the grains forms a mountain full of life,
Formation of an infinite world that comes at night,
At the peril of the after or the escape.

Well, I think it’s time.
I smile so that you don’t see me crying.
My revolt gives birth to values.
I’m like Max Scheler.

Go ahead, do the big jump, don’t do anything else.
Go ahead, change channels and look at the same thing.
Go ahead, do the big jump, don’t do anything else.
They can change their chains, they remain the same clones.

Your suicide amazes me so I hibernate
Out of winter as a traveler lost in a foreign world
In a foreign body, in a sense strangled.
In twenty years I have too much cash, but still rebellious.

If I ride a bike, I will pedal too fast.
If you ride a bike, you’re going to pedal in the air …
I’ll not get up early to watch you lifeless.
I say “no”, and I do not expect to escape the absurdity
Of my condition; I have my mission, it’s the expression of
The purest regained freedom, rebuff
Under a mask of hope;
Because revolt is no longer a right, but a duty.


I am condemned to ask rhetorical questions
To horrible types who weigh in the void.

If I don’t confess, it’s because I know
That you would understand nothing of it, O human brother!

Always in a corner, almost invisible,
But especially unspeakable in your bosom.
I have no choice: you’re clumsy.
It’s so cold, it hurts my fingers;
I have a sore arm that I raise in silence,
In my mind kneaded with impatience.

I count points on your false conversations
To pass the time, beautiful illusion throwing me as witness …
It should be fun; You, you have no idea …
Oh no … you have no idea, no you don’t have any ideas.

They are excellent and yet
They chose banality,
Too busy looking at their fears
And comparing themselves without heart.
You have to train without dragging
If not, bury without interest.
Without blinking, I cry
Because it’s time to tear myself away from you.

You have only one token, in the background
Far from lions is compassion.
As a selfish, I want you to be interested in me
Who tells me altruistic every time I correct the dispute by faith.
Now that I understand that most of the time,
The majority of people die during their lifetime.


Imagine me rolling …
Do I have to wait for you?
Tell me, do I have to wait for you?
Or do I have to ride alone?

Yes, I think I have to ride alone.
But I’ll wait; Yes, I will wait for you …
Until it’s too late for you.
I’m just trying to help you, don’t you see?

So I will continue to ride alone,
Waiting for you again.
I will wait for the next crenel,
But I will continue to roll.

Yes, I think I have to keep rolling
Until I can’t help me.
Only because I will be too exhausted.
And above, I will reach the renewal:

It will be as I always dreamed.
I would have died, but it will be beautiful.

Hypnic jerk

From the morning, sidereal revolution;
The Evil One wants to break my ideal.
Visceral reaction, abyssal thoughts.
I dress dirty after the initial error.
Outside it’s medieval: only vassals
Who believe to aim high … idiots!

I hurt for all the marginal people
Who are struggling against imperial rascals.
There, nothing impeccable, lethal cocktail;
The fatal hour is so brutal.
Martial law, icy heart.
I inhale, and I don’t care, paradoxical …

The opprobrium commands disguised dignity
For the men to condone calamity.
While they are lying, I isolate myself and I sacrifice myself.
I scribble for those who are unreasonable.
My task detonates and causes irreversible damage.
It is tangible and credible, though abstract and painful.

Unpredictable, I am unable to abandon the inaudible scream.
Liable to the Bastille, because harmful to the Invisible.
All are corruptible, because they are too insensible.
They want to silence the middle finger in the air,
Stalkers of an egalitarian world that brood under the ashes.
It’s deceptively. Tired of waiting, and now I have to learn to go down.


You really think you’re different?
Hey? No, but … really?

Beautiful creatures are too fragile
For this world, it’s filthy;
It is unnameable, but probable
That you prefer the accountant.
Falls without the sling;
Blood – thoroughly; feel the affront
(In your grave); On the ceiling, I take the reach.

I’m Sibylle, I rejoice;
You’re not playing anymore, my guts dry you ah!
Every day I get better
Without touching gold;
I corroborate and I perforate …
Even: I perform.

Outside, deteriorate my love
With prejudice and hatred;
I have to do what they say
Or I shall never leave the asylum;
You’re a real factor, you can’t
See my value; you are old,
It’s the game, you’re pious, it’s time
Since you’re scared, you’re efflorescing me.

But I know you have something
Good and beautiful hidden inside you …
As I know I have something
Dark and warm in me …
(We’re made for each other)
Go around and don’t hide forever

Or you will end up drunk in a box;
Work your faults and forces
In the bowels, between the shocks,
The blue pill turns red [BECOME]
The red flag is blue [It’s shady]
But the black is white [Good]
Since the White is Black.

Photo © Jean Fraipont

For Ever

I note our super powers
But I fear that one feels (not being able to)
I sketch these troubled souls. In search of Aman
I don’t sooth his sons ad vitam aeternam; We grieve.
Scrape the dune without making the kleptomaniac (son);
Music lover, I put the evil inside a bottle (without vice);
Lose. Shit, they’re afraid of themselves!
Even if there are no more remains, I must aim at Everest.
I sail, while you are falsified by the apparatus;
I’m almost at the Mariana Trench
Excuse me, let me pass Madame …

During the day, it’s laziness,
It seems that I can no longer breathe in the luminosity.
We perceive ourselves as dead kings
With the aorta in danger on the construction site;
Battles out of death, man
Know that I do not worry.
In the depths until the end of the secular torment;
So never, right? It’s not true? It’s peninsular.

Go around, lie well, it’s deadly.
In this blur, everything is cruel.
Yeah, it’s gargantuan:
We must fuck ourselves, we must please.
Inventoried by the father of Pantagruel
I prepare my barrel.

We saw each other among the zombies;
Just one look, but the certainty of being understood.
I make the big gap at the edge of the cliff …
Far from these pigs, everything calms me.

The field of possibilities

I walk into the field of possibilities.
In me, I perceive it, this choice;
On the sidelines, I rage,
If I think, She sees me.

Deaf, I listen:
Suddenly, it’s like it
Compress red currants.
Soon, the machine forces me to run.
Quick, help, cover!
If I dive, it’s all green.
She crushes me, and she will drink me;
She feeds on our flesh,

Even before school age.
Premeditated crime of lese-individuality;
Programmed unwinding,
Instruments of oppression and authority.
Taste my provocative exorbitancy,
Fruit of a deep scar
Which never ceases to open.

Please, criticizes the original cry
For capital’s prostitution
Aiming to organize your thought, substitute.
Adaptation to the system alienation;
Me not in line with their education.
I expect the worst and
I wait in the void.

I must escape from the barracks.
Before I get in,
I’m mothering me.
Adult does not mean Man, asshole.
See you, kiss.