My name is Lohan. I’m currently living in Nantes, France. I devote my life to art and knowledge, trying to express myself notably through music, writing and photography.

My productions aren’t there to entertain. They can not be consumed. You must think to understand them and accept them as they are. As pieces of art. True art, even if in our leisure society most of us forgot about the real meaning of art, the real meaning of being an artist. I’m not saying here that what I do is amazing. It’s only my own feelings, my own thought, my own vision of this world. My most honest expression. Me trying to communicate with you.

This is my own way to fight against the darks forces of the world we are living in. I believe we are at the edge of something terrible or glorious and I want to fight for the glorious path, even if the other one will probably win (yeah I’m a pessimistic-realistic). I’ll keep doing my thing no matter what. Even if I have to stand alone and fight against everybody. Because deep inside I know I’m doing something right. Something that matter.

“There’s nothing left. You have to close yourself and go headlong into your work like a mole.” Flaubert, 1853.

“Where everyone lies on all that is important, the teller of truth, whether he knows it or not, began to act ; he’s committed in the political work because, in the unlikely case that he survives, he made a first step towards changing the world.” H. Arendt, 1954.

“In the planetary camp almost unrestrained by the capitalist order, the body is generally celebrated… so that, polarized on an egocentric and narcissistic relation to oneself, converted to the merits of this new religion of self love, the faithful forget that they also have a soul. They have reached the point where they ignore that without being solicited, the mind is simply nonexistent.” Michel Onfray, 1997.

Besides my musical project as High Dude, I’m currently working on a Ph.D with Paris Sorbonne on rap music in the United States as a subculture emerging in a capitalist system and a mass culture society.

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